Our Team

Katharine Tibbitts, Grant Writer


Katharine joined KH Consulting full time in 2021 after first interning with the company. In addition to working with dozens of nonprofits at KH Consulting, Katharine remains involved in community outreach and volunteerism. Her experience includes directing campus ministry for Gonzaga University, coordinating guest services for the San Diego Zoo, managing business relations for a Yosemite summer camp, and volunteering at a community theater and Zoo Boise.

Katharine Tibbitts 2021- Admin Pic

Katharine is passionate about people. She believes the greatest form of love is investing time and resources in others, a belief she sees reflected by nonprofit partners on a daily basis. When she’s not building relationships, Katharine invests time in her smaller passions, which include dance class and poetry.


Katharine graduated from Gonzaga University’s Honors program in 2021 with dual degrees in English and Religious Studies.

Fun Facts

Katharine is a triplet! (The best of the three!) She is an avid reader and prefers classics, mysteries, and romantic comedies, but will try any book once. Today Katharine lives in a little apartment in Boise, Idaho, which she fills with books and friends as often as she possibly can.