KH Consulting. Helping organizations think, write, and grow.

Think. Great ideas sometimes need help to get off the ground. KH Consulting can help transform your ideas into viable programs and services.  Or we can help analyze your organizational opportunities or challenges and find the solutions to help your business thrive.

Write. Grant and contract proposals. Web and marketing copy. eNewsletters. Technical reports. Operations manuals. Blogs. Every organization needs clear, well written materials that communicate effectively with your multiple audiences. KH Consulting is recognized as a leader in the art of the written word. We love to write so you don’t have to.

Grow. Growth doesn’t always mean getting bigger. Sometimes it’s about getting better. KH Consulting offers development strategies for nonprofits and small businesses to increase your budget, and we also provide capacity building services to help your organization and employees develop the tools and skills to be the best.

For more information or to request a free consultation, contact Katie Howard, Founder and Principal Consultant, at 206-588-2952 or via email at katie@thinkwritegrow.com.