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While KH Consulting was originally founded to work with nonprofit organizations, today we support many types of agencies working toward the greater good. These organizations work on a constellation of causes that help make their communities stronger. A short list of issues we have supported include health equity, food security, early learning, the arts, youth enrichment, and recovery.

If you have questions about whether your organization is a fit for our services, please contact Katie Howard, President & Strategic Principal, at or 206-588-2952.

What Clients Are Saying

Slide “I can honestly say, HOPE would not be where it is today
with raising awareness and funding if the board had not
approved accessing the talented team at KH Consulting.
Every team member provides top-notch professionalism,
expertise, high quality writing and design services.
And they’re easy to work with! We couldn’t have asked for
a more well-rounded team to assist us with our marketing
and grant writing needs.”
Kim Schafer, Outreach & Development Director
Spokane HOPE
Slide “Thank you again for your help on our Ashoka application.
That investment is paying so many dividends. I've applied
for two other fellowships since then, and I've been able to
adapt what we did for Ashoka easily! I feel like I truly
understand what I do now, and speaking about it is so
much easier.”
Rachel Armstrong, Executive Director
Farm Commons
Slide “I came to the conference mournful and discouraged. It
was difficult to get much out of the earlier sessions and
keynotes being in such a funk. However, I really appreciated
your session on Burnout. Thanks for sharing so many great
ideas, but most of all, for communicating that I’m not in
this alone.”
Workshop Participant
Burned Out to Burning Brightly
Slide “Before KH Consulting started working with us, of course,
I heard you’re awesome and effective and now I know just
how so. Today was incredible. Thank you for inspiring and
guiding us and, ultimately, sharing your expertise in a way
that was understandable and sets us up to win. That was a
successful retreat. Thank you very much.”
Jake Schaefer, Creative Director
Spokane Civic Theatre
Slide “I really enjoyed your workshop. You’ve helped me to
organize my efforts more effectively and to learn how to
focus my grants with results in mind.”
Workshop Participant
The Accidental Grant Writer
Slide “We have had the pleasure of working with KH Consulting
since our inception. Their expertise has proven to be an
immense asset to our nonprofit, keeping us mission-focused
and helping us raise money. They have been a true partner
we turn to for advice and professional development. With
their support, our nonprofit’s success and top-of-mind
awareness has shined.”
Jenny Moeller, Executive Director
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